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Woodlands Academy is a special needs school for pupils aged 2-16 with a wide range of needs. This includes moderate or severe learning difficulties, speech and language difficulties, autism and some medical difficulties.

A website cannot capture all aspects of school life but it can provide a taste of what we are able to offer.

We are committed to providing the best education for all our pupils with all staff being passionate about providing a meaningful and motivating curriculum. Our aim is to help our pupils become responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to the community.

We adopt a ‘holistic approach’ focusing on the development of the ‘whole child’ using a personalised, pupil centered curriculum.

The Academy’s staff team consists of staff with a range of expertise from our highly skilled teachers, instructors and teaching assistants who are all committed to meeting the needs of all the pupils in our care. Our teachers and instructors lead their class team through shared goals, which are informed, by parents and carers, therapist and a range of agencies.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Academy either by phone or email.

Best Wishes

Michelle Hockham – Headteacher.