Parent Policies

Cognition & Learning

Curriculum Policy
Assessment Policy
Reporting Policy
English Policy
Mathematics Policy
Science Policy
ICT Policy
RE Policy
Developing Independence Policy
Humanities Policy
ASDAN Policy

Communication & Interaction

Symbol Exchange Guidelines
Social Communication Guidelines
Music Therapy Guidelines
Speech & Language Therapy Guidelines
Intensive Interaction Guidelines
Electronic Communication Aids Guidelines
Signing Guidelines

Physical (incl Healthy Schools) & Sensory

Physical Education Policy
Food Policy Policy
Physical Activity Policy Policy


Bullying Policy
Physical Intervention Policy
Drug Related Incident Policy


Careers Policy
Work Experience Policy
Drug Education Policy
Sex & Relationship Education Policy


Keeping Children Safe in Education (DfE) Guidance
Internet and email use by Pupils Policy
Racial Equality Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Lettings Policy
Registration Policy
Display Policy
Looked After Children (LAC) Policy
Information Policy
Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme Scheme
Freedom of Information Charging Structure Structure