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In order to support the reduction of the risk of transmitting the covid virus and whilst school is not fully open, The Woodlands Academy  has developed the following approach which offers a mix of remote learning opportunities whilst also acknowledging that some households have limited access to devices and require paper copies of work and resources.

The approach complies with the expectations and principles outlined in the DFE document Guidance for Full Opening of Schools. As a school we are offering a wide range of remote learning (we understand that not all our students can access online and online learning isn’t always appropriate and effective for our learners), therefore we are providing physical resources packs weekly (paper based activities and support for curriculum areas and also supporting additional areas such as sensory needs, physical needs etc, we are also providing where possible further resources, and games).  Online  we are offering  a range of websites to support learning for English, maths, PSHE, science and are using platforms such as g suite, class dojo and Edmodo to communicate daily if required and offer live video sessions and pre-recorded.  Our remote learning package will look different for each individual student based on their age, abilities and needs.  For example those accessing a formal curriculum pathway are receiving a weekly timetable of sessions that covers all curriculum areas alongside a range of online activities including virtual classrooms/lessons.  For our semi formal learners a more personalised approach is required and may include online Makaton sessions (sing and sign along), sensory activities and physical activities.  For our personalised pathways we are using a low demand approach and try to base this around the child’s interests and activities that could be done at home without looking like school work.