Careers Adviser Introduction

My name is Alison Fletcher and I am the Specialist Careers Adviser working at Woodlands Academy.  I have experience of working with a range of students with differing needs in special schools across the area.

My role in school is to support students to make well informed decisions about their future.  I work with students from year 9 -11 to investigate career aspirations and educational options as well as looking further into the future such as supported living and employment opportunities.  I personalise my approach to meet the needs of the individual students to ensure that they can participate.  This could be 1:1 meeting’s, observing students in lessons and group work activities.

I support parents/carers to investigate the range of options available and advise on local authority process and sign post to organisations and other professionals who can offer support.

My role is to work alongside school and ensure that all students leaving Woodlands Academy are engaged in Education, Employment or Training and that they are working towards achieving their personal goals.