Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted is open to all Staff (their families) & Students (at home and in school)

This is what you do…..

Think of something that would challenge you… climbing a mountain, running 10K, walking to Whitby, 300 kick-ups, etc

Do some maths….to work out how high, how far, how long.

Make this possible from home or in class as part of your daily exercise by working out…….how many stairs, how many laps of the garden, how long on the treadmill (you know….the one in the spare room that you hang the washing on!)

Decide how many days it will take you…..anything from 3 to 30…’s up to you.

Then make a start and keep me posted! Challenges to be completed anytime 9th Jan – 6th Feb. I will share details and updates on our social-media platforms. I will include a link to our JustGiving page for people to donate, allowing us to collect sponsor money as a whole group rather than individually.

Hopefully, we will get a mention in the paper and on the radio to publicise our efforts and bring in more money.